Pterygium Surgery

Whilst eye drops may reduce the symptoms, the only curative therapy is surgery.

What is the treatment for pterygium?

Surgery is usually performed as day surgery under local anaesthetic. Almost always, you will also be given some sedation by the anaesthetist. Occasionally patients will have a full general anaesthetic.

During the surgery, the pterygium is removed. In order to reduce the risk of the pterygium growing back, a small conjunctival graft is taken from under the upper eyelid is inserted into the bed of the pterygium. The conjunctival graft can be sutured into place, or glued. Most patients prefer the glue as it provides a better cosmetic outcome and is significantly more comfortable compared to sutures.

After the procedure is completed, an eye patch will be applied for your comfort. Approximately 1 hour after the operation, you will be given information about your aftercare and will able to leave the hospital. After the operation you will need to regularly use anti-inflammatory eye drops for at least one month.