Cataract Surgery

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How is cataract surgery performed?

Cataract surgery is usually performed as day surgery under local anaesthetic. Frequently your anaesthetist will also give you a strong sedative to allow you to relax. If necessary, a general anaesthetic can be given, however this is not usually preferred. It is uncommon to feel any discomfort during cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery usually only takes about 10 minutes. The cataract is removed using very small instruments and a microscope. After the cataract is removed, an intraocular lens is inserted to allow light to focus after the surgery. Almost always, no stitches are used.

After the surgery, you will stay at the hospital for up to an hour and then be allowed to leave. You will have a shield over your eye and will be given instructions on what to do when you get home. Usually you will start eye drops that night.